Why Should You Choose Nitro Complex Fertilizer?15-15-15-7S

  • Do not damage the cultivation of the land, the sour country (Soil PH Level) to regulate the fair and continuous year-round crops (Crop Rotation) systems for successful agricultural production.
  • Select various crops, Spring Rain Song Irrespective of class and fertilizers (Basal Fertilizer), Fill fertilizer (Top Dressing) to be used as input.
  • Up to 80% to 90% soluble in the strong plant (root) due to consumption of nutrients immediately able to immediately fulfill the potential consumption of NPK can gradually stretch.
  • The water vapor / air driven less.
  • The necessary vitamins, Enzymes, Protein, On Lu Coast equivalent of the physiological process of the drill more balanced and better color and taste.
  • Grain output growth rate of 8% to 25%, Yield.
  • Use arid zone areas can be more affected by drought and low rainfall, even if the plant nutrients are adequately fed.
  • Use slope areas due to uneven hills, ground, afraid for the absence of any loss of nutrients wasted.
  • Even the lack of moisture, but the absence of combustion.


  • Nitro Complex fertilizer in paddy crop use.
  • Other crops such as corn, sesame, sugarcane, wheat, peanut, onion, potatoes, Tomato, Chili, Cucumber, Banana, Grape, Dragon Orange, fruit trees, cabbage, Flower bud Leaf mustard crops, Rubber, Perennial plants, such as coconut oil pulses, A variety of flowers can be used in a variety of crops.
  • Place at Dry and ventilated area.
  • Don’t use mixed with organic (organic fertilizer).
  • Vegetable bags (1) to (4) for use in bags.
  • With the seed mixture sharply.



Using KIRA 15:15:15:7(S)+TE Nitro Complex Fertilizer by crops

သီးႏွံ သံုးစြဲရမည့္အခ်ိန္ တစ္ဧကႏႈန္းထား မွတ္ခ်က္
ေျပာင္း၊ ႏွမ္း၊ ႀကံ၊ ဝါ၊ ဂ်ံဳ၊ ဟင္းသီးဟင္းရြက္၊ ပဲမ်ိဳးစံု ေျမခံ အိတ္ဝက္
ရက္ ၂၀-၂၅ ခန္႔ အိတ္ဝက္
ပန္းပြင့္ခ်ိန္ အိတ္ဝက္
ေျမပဲ၊ အာလူး၊ ၾကက္သြန္ျဖဴ/နီ ေျမခံ ၁ အိတ္ စြယ္ခ်ခ်ိန္/ဥဆင္းခ်ိန္တြင္ ေက်ာက္မႈန္႔ေျမၾသဇာ ႏွင့္ ေရာစပ္သံုးစြဲေပးပါရန္
ဥဆင္း / စြယ္ခ်ခ်ိန္ ၁ အိတ္
ခရမ္းခ်ဥ္၊ င႐ုတ္ႏွင့္ စားဖိုေဆာင္သီးႏွံမ်ား ေျမခံ အိတ္ဝက္ သီးတင္ႏႈန္းေကာင္းေစရန္ အသီးတစ္ခါခူးၿပီးတိုင္း အိတ္ဝက္ထည့္ေပးရန္
ပန္းပြင့္ခ်ိန္ အိတ္ဝက္
ဖရဲ၊ သခြား၊ ပန္းမံုလာ၊ ေဂၚဖီထုပ္၊ ပန္းမ်ိဳးစံု ေျမခံ ၁ အိတ္
ရက္ ၂၀-၂၅ ခန္႔ အိတ္ဝက္
အသီးဖမ္း/ထုပ္ခ်ိန္ အိတ္ဝက္