15-15-15The major nutrients and minor nutrients are added in this complex fertilizer. Two forms of nitrogen (nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen) enhance the vegetative plant growth and crop yield. It can give enough nitrogen for plants and can also reduce the nutrient leaching. MAP makes good root system, optimum plant growth and reproduction. SOP helps to raise the resistance of plants on pest and disease incidences. Sulphur also helps metabolic functions, raises crop winter hardiness, improvement in yield of crops and oil content. Calcium also increases resistance to stress. Boron helps the pollination, fruit and seed development. Magnesium enhances the production of oils and fats. Zinc also helps for optimum growth and maximum yield.

Balanced N-P-K-S and other plant nutrients are added in every granule. The granules are round, smooth and equal size – so it can easily be used by hand or machine. It can be efficiently used throughout the crop production period. By using KIYA 15:15:15(7S) complex fertilizer, maximum crop yield and quality can truly be achieved.