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Green Farm Development Co., Ltd in 2012, “Win Aung Naing fertilizer trade name” fertilizer wholesale and retail publishing Green Farm Development Co., Ltd in 2011, what was the name of the company is established. The need of the farmers who grow grain corn seed Han seems to be 2011, the SP 888 and SP 333 were sold, imported from Thailand in 2014. 2015 Hockey own brand name (KIYA) 22: 9: 9 nitroglycerin compounds the fertilizer import and distribution sales in 2016, 15: 15: 15: 7 (S) + TE and 15: 5: 25: 8 (S) + TE nitro complex fertilizers, Crops in 15: 15: 15: 7 (S) + TE Pure Compound fertilizer and Rice, corn, Sugar cane in 16: 8: 8: 14 (S) + TE specialized compounds, fertilizers, and selling of the import and distribution.

Green Farm Development Co., Ltd (GFD) to match the name of our company to meet the country’s farmland and quality fertilizer production and distribution are trying to sell.

Vision Of Green Farm Development Co.,Ltd.

My company (GFD) of agricultural inputs by farmers towards the long-term social development.

1. Achieving the best crop yields.

2. Fair price with good quality to reach world standards have some input materials ညး access.

3. Damage not inherit the right to their ancestral land, generations in order to handover the standard to be used by high raw materials.

4. Green Economy is a company formed to include a major role in building the country.