Foliar Fertilizer

KIYA Bat Sone (19:19:19+TE)


FoliarNitrogen – 19 %                       Boron – 0.28 %

Phosphorus – 19 %                  Iron – 0.04 %

Potassium – 19 %           Magnesium – 0.10 %

Manganese – 0.04 %               Molybdenum – 0.05 %

Zinc – 0.15 %                           Humic acid – 1.00 %

KIYA Bat Sone includes N,P,K  and other nutrients. It is a foliar fertilizer and so it is applied directly to the leaves of a plant. The nutrients are immediately absorbed by the plants. Therefore, it can act more quickly and efficiently than the soil applications for plant growth and development. Foliar fertilizers will immediately solve the nutrient deficiency problems. They can also increase the uptake of nutrients from the soil by encouraging plants to take up more water.

Therefore, KIYA Bat Sone foliar fertilizer can enhance the physiological functions of the plant, ensure the optimal plant growth and contribute significantly to higher yields and better quality of crops.