27-6-0-complexIt is intended to reduce the use of urea fertilizer. Urea fertilizer is usually cheaper than other fertilizers. When we use only the urea fertilizer as N source for a long time, our soil is going to be degradation. And then, nutrient leaching is high and so the plants cannot uptake the nutrient that we added to the soil.

So GFD distributed the KIYA Nitro Pearl with the aim of effective fertilizer uses in crop production. Both nitrogen and phosphorus sources are added in it. Nitrate nitrogen (immediately uptake by plant) and ammonium nitrogen (gradually uptake by plant) can give enough nitrogen nutrient for plant growth. Phosphate makes good root system, optimum growth and reproduction. Therefore, KIYA Nitro Pearl can give the maximum crop yield and quality. It is more suitable to use for vegetative growth and more nitrogen nutrient needed plants.