Shwe KiyaIt is mainly produced to get high yielding and quality grains in the rice production. The primary nutrients (N,P,K), the secondary nutrients (Ca,Mg,S) and the micro nutrients (Zn,B) are added in Shwe Kiya specialized compound fertilizer. All these nutrients are essential to achieve the high quality and yield in the rice production.

By using Shwe Kiya (rice) specialized compound fertilizer, the following advantages can be achieved.

  1. Enhance the plant metabolism functions and the rate of photosynthesis
  2. Stay green on plant for a long time
  3. Sturdy the plant and reduce lodging
  4. Resistant to pest and disease infection
  5. Good tillering
  6. Encourage the seed development and less unfilled grains
  7. Uniform ripening and high yielding
  8. Can reduce the soil degradation

Shwe Kiya (rice) specialized compound fertilizer can also be used in corn, wheat, sesame, sugarcane, cotton and beans etc.