15-5-25The high amount of SOP is added to be resistant to pest, disease infections and weather conditions (drought or flood or frost etc.). High quality product (good color, smell and taste) can be achieved. In storage, crop can be stored for a long time. Crop damages and lost can be reduced when the crops are transported from one place to another. Nitrate nitrogen (immediately uptake by plant) and ammonium nitrogen (gradually uptake by plant) can give enough nitrogen for plant growth and can also reduce the nutrient leaching.  MAP makes good root system, optimum plant growth and reproduction.

By using 15:5:25(8S)+TE KIYA nitro complex fertilizer;

Helps the plant metabolic functions

Enhance the plant vigour

Stay green (chlorophyll formation) on plant for a long time

Sturdy the plant stem, branch, cell wall

Resistant to stress, pests and diseases

Encourage to flowering, pollination and seed development

Increase the frequency of harvest (especially fruits)

Better quality of crops (color, smell and taste)

Improve crop yields and oil content.

Optimum plant growth, higher crop yield and crop quality can be achieved by using 15:5:25(8S)+TE KIYA nitro complex fertilizer. This complex fertilizer is more suitable to use before the time of reproduction period. It can be efficiently used to get high yielding and quality products in watermelon, cantaloupe, grape, dragon fruit, tomato, onion, potato, chili etc.