22-9-9It is a nitro complex fertilizer. Every granule includes balanced N,P,K nutrients. It can highly soluble in water and so plants can easily uptake the nutrients. Therefore, it can reduce the nutrient leaching. Nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen are added for nitrogen source. As the presence of two nitrogen forms, the plants stay green for a long time. It helps the photosynthesis process and makes the plant vigor. MAP, better quality and high solubility in water, helps for good root system, optimum plant growth and reproduction. And potassium sulphate (SOP) can also be resistant to pest, disease infections and stress (drought or flood or frost etc.).

Due to the high N content, it is more suitable to raise vegetative growth and plants needed more nitrogen requirements. Optimum plant growth, higher crop yield and crop quality are truly received by using 22:9:9 KIYA nitro complex fertilizer.